Innovation for a sustainable future
A national organisation providing expertise and support to grow sustainable social ventures and facilitate cross-sector innovation.

TIC is an impartial body providing expertise and support, training, cross-sector facilitation, and research. Our aim is to grow all forms of Social Ventures; support the Public Sector; and provide investors with specialised social enterprise expertise. We do this through a consortium of hand-picked Associates.Key Associates

Public Sector

Social Enterprise is playing an ever more crucial role for national and local government in providing services to the public; creating innovation to improve services; and reducing cost to the public purse.

The Innovation Consortium has the expertise to help develop:

  • national and local policy
  • implementation strategies
  • innovation and rapid growth models
  • innovative outcome commissioning processes
  • systems and expertise for spin-outs of public services.

Social Enterprise

Our Associates include leading social entrepreneurs and social enterprise managers, specialised strategists, academics, senior public sector managers, banking and investment expertise, as well as social business support services such as accountants.

There is a high level of expertise to support:

  • leadership, strategy and management
  • innovation
  • commissioning and tendering
  • strategic growth to corporate level scale
  • rapid growth strategies
  • links to investment
  • consortia models

Social Investment

Well run social enterprises represent solid opportunities for investors -in a market growing at around 10% per annum. Our strategy is to encourage and support investment into this rapidly growing market.

With associates including successful social entrepreneurs, strategists and bankers, TIC is in an excellent position to assist with:

  • individual or portfolio investments
  • providing a conduit to investment opportunities
  • sector understanding and knowledge
  • helping with investment selection
  • developing specialised sector processes
  • placing expertise into enterprises
  • monitoring and supporting investments