The Innovation Consortium is a legacy of the Innovation for Health project commissioned by the Department of Health. The project accumulated a high level of expertise in partnership with academic colleagues from University of Cambridge and University of Oxford; national policy advisors; innovation strategists and theorists; and social enterprise practitioners. It developed strategies and expertise to support the public sector and social enterprises with policy and strategy, social enterprise spin-outs, innovative commissioning with social enterprise; and the support of consortia approaches in the Public Sector and the Social Enterprise Sector – particularly GP Consortia and larger SPV/JV social enterprise consortia models to compete for prime contracts.
The Innovation Consortium CIC is one of the new breed of SVIs (Social Venture Intermediaries) which provide investment, finance or expertise to grow social ventures. This essential activity will enable social ventures to grow more rapidly and is referenced by a Policy Paper published by NESTA and the Young Foundation, “Growing Social Ventures – The role of intermediaries and investors”
The project’s win-win strategy of seeking more effective services to meet local demand at lower cost through social ventures, consortia building and “Localism” has attracted considerable attention nationally among Health and Local Authority leaders and at sector conferences.
Innovation Consortium associates – are already delivering expertise and support to 3 government departments, 7 1st tier local authorities and dozens of 2nd tier; increasingly work is broadening to include developments with higher education – particular with Innovation and Business faculties; and with mainstream investment. And, of course, we are very busy supporting the sector to respond to all the opportunities for innovation in the current climate.