Advising and Supporting at National Department Policy Level

Associates of the Innovation Consortium are currently advising and supporting at national department policy level, 1st and 2nd tier local authorities, higher education, health and schools. Commissioning innovation to deliver services in the new economic climate is, not surprisingly, the biggest subject at the moment. However, this is rapidly being overtaken by “Localism” and the effects of the new Act. Given that TIC has several of the leading consultants on Localism as Associates, including the Ministerial Policy Adviser, we are fairly busy with this at the moment.
Our work supporting social enterprise is largely concentrated on sustainability (of course) and Localism – with a number of Parish Councils setting up locality social enterprises to take advantage of community approaches under the Localism Act. Once the new Health Bill passes things could get a bit manic. Meanwhile, we continue to work with mainstream City finance houses, offering social enterprise expertise; and we are pushing forward with our own investment fund proposal lead by Bricks and Breads (Investment).

Posted on December 30, 2011

Posted by charles