Bricks and Bread (Investment)

The Innovation Consortium is currently working with Trudy Thompson, Bricks and Bread CIC, to leverage mainstream investment into sustainability. We have founded a new title, Bricks and Bread (Investment) which will launch in the city in March.
Bricks and Bread (Investment) is a social enterprise investment organisation founded to work directly with mainstream investment houses and investors to grow and fund sustainable business at scale.
It is not a social investment intermediary – with the additional costs and risks which that can involve. It will fund projects directly – similar to a mainstream investment “angel”. It will only work with sustainability businesses; either through the Bricks and Bread social franchise structure, or with trusted partners.
Our aim is to act as a funnel for finance houses and individual investors providing:

  • positive engagement with a wide network in the sustainability sector
  • sustainability expertise filtering the best sustainability projects
  • quality management input and entrepreneurship throughout the life of the projects

Posted on January 25, 2012

Posted by charles