For all sectors, The Innovation Consortium can provide a high level of research quality with key associates from Oxford, Cambridge and the LSC; and close connections with the University of Cambridge with a number of papers already published, and rapidly developing relationships with a number of Innovation and Business Faculties.
A number of research papers are referred to in the Associates page.
Beyond the work at the coal face, TIC is also able to offer a high level of expertise to support policy development and policy implementation strategies. We already have on board associates who have been key policy advisors on the Big Society policy, and Localism – producing cabinet papers as well as providing support to Ministers. Locally, our own confidential qualitative research has identified clear gaps in policy and implementation strategies in several areas; and a lack of sector knowledge and innovation strategies among public sector commissioners and managers. More recently, it seems apparent that some department managers need expertise and support in how to roll /spin out services or tender to social enterprise without risking entanglement with European procurement law.