Trudy Thompson

CEO, Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre

Trudy Thompson, Social Entrepreneur specialising in sustainable business; founder and CEO of Bricks and Bread Sustainable Living Centre, a social enterprise business hub operating on the principle of sharing knowledge that experts have acquired through practical experience, to help improve the community, the economy and the environment through sustainable living.  The company offers unique work experience placements to young people, giving them active roles in the business and using their fresh attitudes to inspire behaviour change within corporations and households.  Also, the board is a team of 12-19 year olds who shape and steer the business.
Trudy was a professional driver in the motorsport industry but changed her life in 2001 to lower her environmental impact and learn new skills in eco building. With her can do attitude and self taught practical skills Trudy walks the talk when it comes to low carbon living, eco building and social enterprise.
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